Shifter’s Dance

Aurora Taylor came to South Dakota to capture pictures for a calendar benefitting the Wild Horse Sanctuary. Yet she quickly found herself drawn to more than just the majestic landscape. From the moment she meets Chase, she’s drawn to him. Yet despite their mutual attraction, he’s holding back and it’s tearing Aurora apart.

Chase White Bear aches for Aurora. But his people, the Oglala Sioux, have a secret he can’t risk her discovering. As much as it pains him, he vows to himself to keep his distance. Until… a murderer on the loose begins painting a bloody trail straight for Aurora.

Five people have been found dead, each within dangerous proximity to Aurora. Fearing for her safety, Chase casts his reservations aside and joins the hunt to bring the killer down. Can the pair uncover the truth before the body count rises? Or will the secret Chase is hiding put Aurora in the crosshairs of danger?

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