Shifter’s Journey

Reporter Sierra Hall was compelled to travel to Colorado Springs, but she journeyed further than she believed possible.. all the way to 1895! To persevere, Sierra becomes a Harvey Girl. She soon discovers a mystery of girls disappearing which she must solve in order to set history right and hopefully, return to her own time.

Cheyenne Spirit Walker, Stone Red Tree rescues Sierra after she’s injured, putting himself and his tribe in danger. He’s willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, to protect her. Will she uncover the tribe’s greatest secret and possibly doom Stone in the process?

Bart Higgins has plans–lots of them and they didn’t include a Harvey Girl captivating his affection. When he saves Sierra’s life, he wonders if she’s everything he’s been looking for. However, he has a hidden agenda of his own which could prevent her getting home.

Will the fates return her or keep her captive in the past?
It’ll take all her investigative skills to not only solve the mystery of the century, but also survive it.

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