The Balconies of New Orleans

New Orleans French Quarter has more pieces of wrought iron and cast iron than anywhere else in the United States dating back to the 1850’s. Blacksmiths, both free and slave, Europeans and Creoles all contributed to the everlasting beauty of iron balconies, as well as doors, windows, fences and gates. There is no place in the Vieux Carre one can go and not stop in awe at those who left such an indelible mark upon the area.

From romantic, lacy filigee to Fleur de Lis, from stylized crosses to curved waves and almost everything in between, one can enjoy the feel of almost stepping back in time with the quality and pride of the Blacksmiths of old and the hard word of hammering out the intricate designs from the intensely heated metal as they plied it into a multitude of shapes and designs.

The images one is left with as one strolsl about the Old City, last a lifetime. How often does one stand and just stare at the work displayed for all to see? How many photos are captured in a multitude of pictures taken throughout the decades, and changing little from one era to the next.

Here is an everlasting moment in time which has been captured and preserved for all to enjoy. Within these pages lay the essence of what makes New Orlean’s French Quarter so unique to any and all who visit and who can now take a piece of it’s enduring spirit with them.

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